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EDUC 5020 Inside the SAT - Math and Verbal Preparation

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Course Details

Take an inside look at the sat test.  This course will acquaint you with the format of the test and help you devise tactics for taking the test.  It will include intensive vocabulary study as well as review of the mathematical concepts required to answer many of the test questions.  The course will also include a review of critical reading skills and proper essay-writing techniques.  Finally, test anxiety is attacked by focusing on self-relaxation and preparation techniques.  This course is for high school sophomores and juniors.


  EDUC 5020 - 001 Inside the SAT - Math and Verbal    
  2017-18 - Fall 2017   Status:  Available
Course Fee(s):
Registration non-credit    EDUC 5020 - 001 210.00
  Section Notes:  This 16 hour SAT Prep. class is taught by both an English/verbal and math instructor.  It will cover knowledge areas for the current test, give test taking strategies, and include practice tests.  The class will be held in Room 112, Edward M. Elias Science Building.  Please park in the student lot below the building.  Parking permits are not required.  Class fee includes “The Official SAT Study Guide” from the College Board.  
Type   Date   Location   Instructors  
CLASS 07 Oct 2017 to 28 Oct 2017

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