Program Streams

ACCTG6040A - Certified Public Accountant Series
ACCTG6040A - Certified Public Accountant Series
C I 5000 - SAT Prep Course
C I 5000 - SAT Review Course
CI ED5000D - Drone Camp
H P A5025 - Personal care home administrator orientation
H P A5025 - Personal Care Home Administer Orientation
H P A5037 - 120-Hour Long Term Care Administration Program
H P A5037 - 120-Hour Long Term Care Admin Program
H P A5038 - Preparation for Licensure Certification Accreditation Surveys and Meeting Other Regulatory Requirements
H P A5039 - Administration, Organization and Management of the Long Term Care Facility
H P A5040 - Gerontology, Diseases of Aging, Death and Dying
H P A5041 - The Role of Government in Health Care Policy Regulation and Reimbursement
H P A5042 - Fiscal Management, Budget and Accounting
H P A5043 - Personnel Management and Labor Relations
H P A5044 - Third Party Reimbursement
H P A5045 - Understanding Regulations, Deficiencies, Plans of Corrections and Quality Assurance
H P A5046 - The Nursing Department and Resident Care Management
H P A5047 - Rehabilitation Services and Special Care Needs
H P A5048 - Health Support Services: Pharmacy, Medical Records and Diagnostic Services
H P A5049 - Facility Support Services: Building/Grounds, Housekeeping, Laundry, and Central Supply
H P A5050 - Dietary Department and Resident Nutrition
H P A5051 - Social Services, Family and Community Relationships and Residents Rights
H P A5052 - Risk Management, Safety and Insurance
H P A5053 - Strategic Planning, Marketing and Public Relations
HIST 5329 - Computers and Media, Drama, Chemistry, World Cultures and American Cultures
KINES5110 - College for Kids: Outdoor Adventures
KINES5110 - College for Kids: Outdoor Adventures
NURS 5006 - Personal Care Home Administrator Training
NURS 5006 - Personal Care Training
NURS 5026 - PCHA 24-hour CEUs
NURS 5026 - Personal Care Training
NURS 5038 - 15-Hour Assisted Living Administrator Training Course
SCIED5000A - Hands on Science - Kids in College
SCIED5000A - Summer STEM Camp For Girls.
YTHPR5190 - Cooking with the Pros
YTHPR5190 - Kitchen Science- Kids in College
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