Course Description

“A leader doesn’t just get the message across – a leader is the message” 
– Warren Bennis, Authority on organizational development, leadership, and change. 
Energy Leadership Development Training introduces leaders of all walks of life to seven distinct levels of energy and leadership, as well as engagement and consciousness in both life and the workplace.  How we see the world, the people we work with and lead, the challenges we are confronted with in the workplace and at home, is all rooted in the lenses we have developed over time. Through our life and leadership experiences, and social conditioning. 
Oftentimes, we don’t realize how we vastly react on autopilot, instead of consciously respond; to turn challenges into opportunities, lead people effectively and with empowerment, and simply be the resilient, inspiring and driven leader most of us strive to be.
This training teaches you how to
Gain awareness of your perceptions, attitudes, behaviors and blind spots.
Gain awareness on the message you are. 
Discover the impact your energetic engagement has on your overall leadership capabilities and interactions with others. 
Utilize your mind working for you instead of allowing it to be your worst enemy. 
Reframe your perspective from frustration and victimization to opportunity and action. 
Shift your energy to become a more dynamic, empowering, and resilient leader.   
Lead from a place of choice, opportunity, and growth mindset!
Increase productivity, improve employee retention, create effortlessness and fulfillment, and find more purpose in what you do! 
This training is for leaders who want to:
Increase their awareness of self and others – far beyond concepts of Emotional Intelligence!
Access their energy, our most valuable, personal resource, and how to raise theirs and others’!
Commit to developing their skills, sophistication, and versatility! 
Dare to step into their greatest potential!

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