Course Description

The United States may be facing the most serious economic and national security challenge of the 21st century; our government and private sector networks and information are being exploited via cyber operations activities at an unprecedented scale by a growing array of state and non-state-actors. The evolution of increasingly complex network structures creates critical interdependencies that leas to expanded cyber operations opportunities and increased vulnerabilities. Therefore, we must train our cyber work force so that they may take action to protect the critical components upon which our economy, government and national security are based by an adversary that utilizes a wide array of network explitation, disruption or destruction techniques. In order to appropriately defend these complexities and interdependencies in a cyber environment, students must become familiar with foundational network security methods and concepts, and protocols, Cybersecrutiy principles, and knowledge of cyber threats and vulnerabilities.

Students from all educational disciplines and professional backgrounds will learn fundamental concepts designed to help familiarize them with the potential cyber operations that they may encounter on a daily basis.
Course Outcomes:
1. Students will demonstrate an understanding of network security concepts and techniques.
2. Students will be able to analyze malware threats.
3. Students will be able to apply encryption techniques.

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