Course Description

Construction specific scheduling and time management course that will teach the students how to think about the construction project at hand and to build a project specific schedule. Topics include:
New Construction: Typical out of the ground construction. This would include all of the site work components, foundations, exterior construction, interiors construction to close-out of the project.

Renovation Projects: Scheduling for an existing building renovation, occupied or vacant, dealing with phases.

For both schedule types we would cover multiple floor and the repeat aspect of scheduling. This is helpful for hotel or apartment building project.

Pre-Construction: Many construction companies are involved in Design-Build projects, which means they are a partner in the process in the early stages of the project dealing with not only design but client and governmental approvals. Documenting all of these steps and the time it takes to complete, along with what happens to the schedule should one of the items slip is crucial to the overall project schedule.

Time Management: The job of a Project Manager in the construction world takes on a multitude of projects with their own subcontractors and individuals for each. How to manage that plethora of people and tasks associated with each task is challenging. What are some of the best tools PM's use to keep their tasks and priorities in order are items I would like to explore with the class.


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