Program Streams

BUSAD5000 - Lean Agile Fundamentals
BUSAD5508 - Continuous Improvement
BUSAD5518 - Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification Exam Preparation
BUSAD5518 - Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification Exam Preparation
BUSAD5520 - Leading Change in Organizations
BUSAD5520 - Leading Change In Organizations
BUSAD5526 - Developing Personal Leadership
BUSAD5526 - Developing Personal Leadership
BUSAD5538 - Project Initiation and Planning
BUSAD5538 - Project Initiation & Planning
BUSAD5539 - Project Scheduling & Integration
BUSAD5539 - Project Scheduling and Integration
BUSAD5540 - Project Costing & Control
BUSAD5540 - Project Costing & Control
BUSAD5541 - Project Risk and Change Management
BUSAD5541 - Project Risk & Change Management
BUSAD5557 - Agile Project Management with Scrum
BUSAD5557 - Agile P.M. with Scrum
BUSAD5560 - Leveraging Leadership Preferences for Project Management Success
BUSAD5566 - Six Sigma Green Belt
BUSAD5569 - Six Sigma Black Belt
BUSAD5589A - Crisis Management
BUSAD5590 - Continuing Professional Workshop
BUSAD5590B - CPE Workshop
BUSAD5593 - Certified Scrum Master
BUSAD5593 - Certified Scrum Master
BUSAD5594 - Lead Virtual Teams
BUSAD5597M - Organizational Change Management
BUSAD5604 - Strategic Planning
BUSAD5604 - Strategic Planning
BUSAD5701 - Decision Making
BUSAD5701 - Decision Making
BUSAD5812 - Effective User Stories for Agile Requirements
BUSAD5814 - Project Risk Management Planning & Identification
BUSAD5815 - Project Risk Analysis
BUSAD5816 - Project Risk Response Planning, Monitoring & Control
BUSAD5830 - Agile Business Analysis
BUSAD5830 - Agile Business Analysis
BUSAD5831 - Certified LeSS Practitioner
BUSAD5831 - Certified Less
BUSAD5833 - Content Marketing
BUSAD5834 - Measuring Marketing Success
BUSAD5835 - Digital Marketing
BUSAD5836 - PMI-Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP) Exam Preparation
BUSAD5837 - Fundamentals of Supply Chain Management
BUSAD5838 - Lean Supply Chain Modeling
BUSAD5839 - Operations Research in Supply Chain Management
BUSAD5967 - Performance Management
BUSAD5968 - Organizational Development and Change
BUSAD5969 - Strategic Integration and Succession Planning
BUSAD5970 - Building a Diverse Workforce and Inclusive Culture
CN ED5005A - GMAT Review Workshop
CN ED5005A - GMAT Review Workshop
CN ED5005B - GMAT Math
CN ED5005B - GMAT Math
CN ED5005B - GMAT Math
CN ED5005C - GMAT Verbal
CN ED5005C - Gmat Verbal
CSE 6601 - Building the Data Warehouse
CSE 6694 - Working the Web - A Guide to the History, Infrastructure, and Opportunities of the Internet.
CSE 6963 - Visual Basic .net - Introduction
CSE 6994 - ASP .NET
CSE 7014 - Introduction To Programming Concepts Using Java
CSE 7014 - Introduction to Programming Concepts Using Java
CSE 7025 - Introduction to Database Design and Modeling
CSE 7026 - SQL - Structured Query Language Introduction
CSE 7027 - Oracle PL/SQL Programming - Introduction
MGMT 6024A - Management Skills
PJMGT5000 - Project Initiation & Planning
PJMGT5001A - Project Scheduling & Integration
PJMGT5002 - Project Costing & Control
PJMGT5003 - Project Risk and Change Management
PJMGT5004 - Fundamentals Of Project Management
PJMGT5017 - Project Planning
PJMGT5020 - Introduction to Microsoft Project
PJMGT6000 - Project Management Professional (PMP) Exam Preparation Review
PRMGT5000 - Purchasing Function
PRMGT5001 - Supply Environment
SCM 5053 - Forecasting and Inventory Management
SWENG5103 - Object Oriented Methodologies - Introduction
SWENG5104 - Unified Modeling Language
SWENG5105 - IT Business Analyst Change Management and Quality Assurance
SWENG5131 - Assessing User's Needs
SWENG5137 - Extract Transform and Load Concepts
SWENG5138 - Data Warehouse Reporting
SWENG5139 - System Development Life Cycle for Data Warehouse
SWENG5146 - ADO.NET And Linq
SWENG5161 - Object Oriented Programming with JAVA
SWENG5161 - OOP with Java
SWENG5162 - Using JDK (JAVA Development Kit) Libraries
SWENG5163 - Productive Java in an Enterprise Environment
SWENG5164 - Certified Scrum Developer (CSD)
SWENG5166 - Introduction to Groovy and Grails
SWENG5167 - Relational Database Design and Development
SWENG5168 - Database Development and Use with Structured Query Language
SWENG5172 - CISSP Exam Preparation
SWENG5173 - Android Application Development
SWENG5174 - Advanced Android Application Development
SWENG5175 - Advanced Java Programming
SWENG5178 - Principles of Cyber Law and Policy
SWENG5179 - Foundations of Cyber Operations
SWENG5180 - Cyber Risk Management
SYSEN5605 - Lean Six Sigma for Continuous Improvement
SYSEN5605 - Lean Six Sigma for Continuous Improvement
SYSEN5606 - LEAN Six SIGMA Theory and Application
SYSEN5606 - Lean Six Sigma Theory and Application, Great Valley
SYSEN5625 - Lean Six Sigma Customer Driven
SYSEN5625 - Lean Six Sigma Customer Driven
SYSEN5626 - Certified Lean Kanban Professional
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